Join the Launch Team

We’ve got a fun marketing and promotion plan in place for the launch of LOSING BRAVE and we’d love to have you join us!

Part of our action plan includes an INVITE-ONLY TEAM that is *fully-committed* to help launching LOSING BRAVE into the world. Activities will be simple and include (but not be limited to) posting on social media, leaving Amazon reviews on a specific date, sharing book info, etc.
In exchange for your participation, you have the opportunity to win one of fifteen signed Advanced Reader Copies of LOSING BRAVE, and all team members will have access to a post-release Online Video Book Club Chat with Bailee and Stefne.
We want to make sure you’re 100% committed. So please fill out this form.  We’re going to carefully review all submissions and if you’ve made the cut, you’ll receive an e-mail invite and given access to our Private Facebook Group and Private Dropbox which will include artwork, photos and more.
We are so thankful for you!
Bailee and Stefne