Cole’s Christmas Wish List

Let’s be real. Cole didn’t even have a list so Dylan put one together for him and based on her selections, she knows him pretty well.

Take a look!

Travel Case

Dylan chose this Hershel Supply Co. toiletry bag so that Cole would have something to store his hearing aids in whenever he’s in a hurry and needs to put them somewhere other than his shoe.

Ole Miss Hat

Not one to worry about doing much to his hair each day, Dylan knows that Cole would appreciate a classic Ole’ Miss ball cap.


Like Dylan, Cole loves to listen to music. But when his hearing aids are in, he’s limited to finding headphones that are both stylish and comfortable. These Freegoing Over the Ear Headphones solve both problems.

Man Crate

Seeing as how Cole’s tools tend to go missing, Dylan bought him this ultra fun tool kit from Man Crates. Not only is the gift practical, but it’s a fun challenge to open.

Truck Tent

Cole and Dylan love to hang out in the Cove. This Guide Gear Truck Tent is a great way for them to take in the action out on the water, but still have some privacy. It also comes in handy on those nights where they stay out too long – by accident of course.

What do you think of Dylan’s wish list for Cole?

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