Payton Brave’s Christmas Wish List

Just as every good Southern girl would, Payton Brave has her Christmas list created and sent off to Santa… and her parents… in plenty of time for holiday shopping.

Here’s what she’s asking for this year.

Cherry Lip Balm

This Tony Moly Cherry Lip Balm would make the perfect stocking stuffer and keep her lips soft and kissable.

Notebook - Neiman Marcus

Payton likes to keep her grades up and her creativity flowing. With this beautiful Rifle Paper Company Vintage Blossoms Notebook Set, she’ll have it covered.

The Princess Bride

Payton can’t get enough of classic love stories, and The Princess Bride is one for the history books. She’d love the 30th Anniversary DVD so she can watch Buttercup and Westley over and over again.

Sea Flower Headband - Anthro

This beautiful Sea Flower headband from Anthropologie is just the thing to make her stand out as she walks the halls of Cornwell High.

Nespresso Machine

Who wants to wake up early, have to get all dressed up and put make-up on when the weekends roll around? Not Patyon. The Nespresso Vertuo Chrome is the perfect kitchen essential for making her morning joe exactly how she likes it.

Now you know what’s on Payton’s list this year. What’s on yours? Share your Top 5 in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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8 Replies to “Payton Brave’s Christmas Wish List”

  1. My 2017 Christmas List:
    1) Blender #adulting (am i right?!)
    2) Yoga Mat
    3) Clothes!!!!


  2. I wish is for the world to be a better place and I wish for everyone to be safe and happy


    1. You sound like a true romantic at heart who is ready for an adventure… or at least a ride to somewhere new! I love this list! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂


  3. I might have forgotten to ask for any of this for Christmas this year. Oops! 😂
    1. Purple lava lamp
    2. A new notebook with multiple sections to keep my book writing thoughts organized
    3. A tapestry to spice up my bedroom that has as many stars on it as possible (I love stars!)


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